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My name is Anne.My painters name is Akasha.I have been painting Mandalas for the past 6 years. The inspiration to paint just came to me. I saw a Mandalas then 2 weeks later I plucked up the courage to paint this mandala. Painting has always been a great passion of mine and Mandala painting has given me the drive to forfil my dream.
For me the mandala is a door, a way to get to the soul. From the surface reality a Mandala is just a painting with a centre, from a soul level you have a chance to see inside yourself, the vast universe that lies within. You begin to see things you´ve never seen before. If you focus on one of paintings the colours expand, the picture breaths, pulsates, dances and spirals. I began to see a world we have never seen before. It has changed my life. A famous painter once said “I paint with my hearts blood” which means from the heart comes the blood and the blood flows onto the canvas. Its my own soul. The painting is not separate from me.

Friday, 18 May 2007


While painting I also receive a lot of information through symbols entering the mandalas.
One of the main importance’s is that the soul is not recognised as being an important part of our daily lives. We are more focused on our body and mind. We forget that the body is only a vehicle for this life. The soul is the energy hidden behind every aspect of life.
So a healthy soul is the final goal in a balanced being.
All over the world doctors are trying to heal a body without the awareness of soul.
The soul sends signals like when people say: I can feel it in my stomach when something is wrong!
When the contact with the soul is lost the healing is not possible.

That’s why I feel inspired to give mandala workshops.

Please feel free to call Anne on 0034 606 783 397 for our local workshops or Or send an

Some photos of one of our workshops:

What is a mandala

Mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit (an ancient Hindu language)
Symbols are drawn, sketched or painted in a circular frame.
Throughout the world Mandala art is a process of self expression.
You can use it for spiritual transformation or personal growth.
Many cultures and religions use the mandala as a tool for meditation, to heal with or to connect to earth energies and the wisdom of nature.
The mandala appears in all aspects of life: the celestial circles we call earth, sun, and moon, as well as conceptual circles of friends, family and community.
The "circle with a center" pattern is the basic structure of creation that is reflected from the micro to the macro in the world as we know it.
It is a pattern found in nature and is seen in biology, geology, chemistry, physics and astronomy.
On our planet, living things are made of cells and each cell has a nucleus -- all display circles with centers.
The crystals that form ice, rocks, and mountains are made of atoms.
Each atom is a mandala.
Within the Milky Way galaxy is our solar system and within our solar system, is Earth.
Each is a mandala that is part of a larger mandala.
Flowers, the rings found in tree trunks and the spiraling outward and inward of a snail's shell all reflect the primal mandala pattern.
Wherever a center is found radiating outward and inward, there is wholeness--a mandala.
How to create a mandala ?
When creating a mandala you always start from a central point within the symbol which radiates a symmetrical design.
We can fill in the circle with special images that have come to us in deep relaxation, or meditation. (its being able to return back to yourself, find piece and relaxation, a state of inward awareness)

Our mental patterns are reflected in the specific forms and structures that emerge within the circle.
Our feelings are reflected by our use of color.

The mandala is a door, a way to get to the soul. From the surface reality a Mandala is just a painting with a centre, from a soul level you have a chance to see inside yourself, the vast universe that lies within.

We teach you how to get in contact with your own soul through the mandala.
We teach you how to create a mandala. How to let the soul create it.
What Chakras are?
There are 7 major chakra points in our body. Energy points, vortexes or disk which allow energy to flow in and out of the body.
Red Chakra, base chakra: connection to the earth
Orange, sacral, beneath the navel: creativity, sexuality, strength
Yellow chakra: Solar plexus: personal power, where we radiate our inner glow
Green chakra, heart chakra: emotional centre, where we feel love, passion and understanding, powerful healer, loving ourselves is the foundation of happiness
Blue chakra, throat chakra: communication, self expression and sound
Indigo, brow, third chakra: concentration
Purple, Crown chakra inspiration, imagination, promotes positive thought patterns.

It is said by Tibetan Buddhists that a mandala consists of five "excellencies":
The teacher
The message
The audience
The site
The time

An audience or "viewer" is necessary to create a mandala. Where there is no you, there is no mandala.
I bow to you. The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Mandala Gallery

It is my pleasure to present my work to you.

into the next dimension

manifestation of a cristal

belthane fire dancers


flower of life

Wheel of Life by Akasha

Kaos in Order by Akasha

Dutch Impressions by Akasha

Heart Chakra by Akasha

Throat Chakra by Akasha

Akasha by Akasha

Plants of The Gods by Akasha

Nature Healing Power by Akasha

Mexico by Akasha

World of Chakras by Akasha

Star by Akasha

Passing Over by Akasha

Heart Chakra by Akasha

Lotus by Akasha

Healing Power by Akasha

Friday, 4 May 2007

Mayan Mandala Calender

The Mayan Calender is devided into different stages explained from our last earth shift till 2012. This information is designed in the shape of a mandala.By reading about this mandala i discovered the sacred geometric shapes that where hidden in all cultures and their architecture. They all used the same symbols from the East to the West from South to North.For more information i would like to refer to the discoveries of:
Dr. Carl Johan Calleman,
author of the Mayan Calendar and Transformation of Consciousness.Down follows and interview i received by mailfrom from MCC Tele-web-cast:I think its very significant for how we are living NOW and what our inner beeing is trying to say.I hope you all enjoy sharing this. Let me know or on this page.(1) Question How do we prepare for it? And what is expected to happen?"Reply: This is a big question so we'll take it a step at a time.We're already approaching the 5th Night. The light of the 5th Day has reached its zenith and is presently making its descent toward the horizon. The only way it’s possible to prepare, in reality, is to go inward and inquire into the assumptions and beliefs taken completely for granted, that your life is based upon. This process holds the potential to reveal what is stressful and what stands in the way of your natural ability to move smoothly in the flow of change, if you are brave enough and hungry enough to pursue it. There is always something going on inwardly - we're just very often unaware of what it is.There are 5 elements to the wheel of life. Each element - in balance - is necessary for the wheel to move smoothly over any terrain. A balanced mind will move effortlessly no matter what happens; in the next ten minutes, tomorrow, next year, or the next five years. It’s worth it to build your awareness consciously.The 5 elements of life are (1) physical, (2) mental, (3) emotional (feeling), (4) social and (5) financial. If any one area is out of balance, the other areas are affected. This isn't to say the affect is coming from the outside – it isn’t. It's coming from the inside, from what is "believed" about the particular area. Find the stressful thinking and take each thought to inner inquiry. The freedom that’s possible when you do this cannot be predicted by anyone - even you!Let's say there's stress about money going on for you - that is where you start. Question your thoughts about money. Use the wheel of the 5 elements to help isolate the thought (wheel of 5 elements can be found here).You've probably heard Einstein's quote that you can't solve a problem from the same level of thinking which created it. That's close but in reality thoughts don't create problems - attachments to thoughts do.So, if the stress for you is financial, move counter-clockwise through the wheel to isolate the thought you have formed an attachment to; the idea you're holding on to that is the source of conflict and struggle.Inner warfare is always wrapped around the question, "how will this affect “me”? This is at the root of all stressful thinking; it is essentially based in fear.Here’s an example of a stressful thought: A mother is worried that her 17 year-old daughter will get pregnant. Mother is worried about this all the time. Her daughter is not pregnant, but in her mind, her daughter is getting pregnant everyday - that is inner warfare. She treats her daughter poorly because of what she is attaching to (and unaware that she's doing it...) and this is driving a wedge between them. Communication breaks down because there's conflict between them which only increases the problem because her daughter is pulling away.While mother thinks - on the surface - that her concern is entirely for her daughter, when she questions what's really stressing her, she discovers her concern has roots that go way down into how her life would be affected if her daughter became pregnant.Mother has been working for years to raise a family by herself. She's on the verge of being able to reach a new plateau. She knows she wouldn't abandon her daughter if she became pregnant which means (if this happened) that she would probably end up raising another child and have to put her own life on hold. The roots of the stressful thought are blurred because of conditioning. We're taught we're not supposed to care about ourselves as much as we should care about others.Reality shows us there is nothing we can do to not have everything we need. Consider this. Have you died yet from not having something you (believed) you needed? Well, if you're still here, alive and kicking then the answer is no. You've always had what you needed - maybe not what you wanted - but definitely what you needed. It's not possible for life to be any other way.In actuality, there is nothing you can do to not have exactly what you need. The 5th Day / 5th Night is not a guarantee of hardship or a promise that everything will be perfect. It's an energetic cycle of Life that will manifest change. We fear the unknown which is change.The idea that we don't have what we need, or won’t have what we need, is a lie. As long as the lie is believed, suffering and sorrow will result.The idea that your life should be like mine or that mine should be like yours, is insane. Only an insane mind can conceive it.For it to be possible for anyone else to know exactly what you should or shouldn't do in your life, they would have to be living your life. No one has the vantage point in your life that you do. As the days ahead unfold and you move into greater clarity about what's really going on in the universe of you, all the preparation will take care of itself. Every answer - every solution will rise to the surface of your awareness and those answers will be tailor-made for you because they'll come from the only true light;he light of authority you have cultivated within you.This is a big subject. It will be revisited many times in the days ahead from different angles. We haven’t really covered here the second part of your question “what’s expected” so we’ll do that in the next chapter!Be gentle with yourself as you do this kind of investigation. It's a very powerful work. – Andi & Jag....................................................(2) Question : How best to hold the space of "Light" as we encounter those who are living the residue of the previous underworlds???Reply: In actuality we are ALL still living in the residue of previous underworlds. Your question which is now my question is a perfect example of this. The dualism that moved into human consciousness (3115 BC) at the beginning of the National Underworld is still very present within us all. One aspect of this frame of consciousness is that It provides a filter we perceive reality through that manifests as separation. I am separate from you. We are separate from them. “I am spiritual” and they live in the “lower residue.” Everyone we encounter is a mirror image of some part of ourselves. Sometimes, the only way we can see self, is to see it mirrored in how we perceive others. If I say my friend needs to be more enlightened, the first place to look is myself. As I become more aware by cultivating my own inner objective awareness, others automatically reflect the degree of growth occurring within m e. They will then appear differently to me, they will appear en-LIGHT-ened.All the underworlds are still operating. We're all subject to what is produced by them - in fact we are them. To see that "law" is in me is to see more clearly. To see that there is judgment, duality, the desire to define "similarity and difference” in me, is to see more clearly. Rather than saying it is not there (which is resistance) I can instead make it conscious by taking a closer look to see that somewhere in me this does exist, if not now then in the past. Perhaps I've never seen it before but now I can. This is what it means to take action rather than re-acting which is of course always painful.Life is challenging - filled with disturbance. That's how LIFE works. The disturbance is actually a natural process that will push the awareness to awaken! This of course inspires growth if the individual is willing to question what they think (or believe) is true. We think that we need to change what's happening because that's what conditioned mind always does. It knows what ought to be different, and we know how ir “should” be.. – This has been going on (within) for a lifetime. Being disturbed isn't acceptable, so we constantly seek to become non-disturbed through escaping pain and gaining pleasure. Here’s an experiment for you try. Choose something that has been bothering you. See if you can be free to be with it as it is, without the need for it to be any different than it is. See if you can find the life lesson being offered as the gift that lies beneath the surface of what you think is a problem. However it goes for yo u; let us know how the experiment turns out.To address the question directly, it has been said that s/he who has the most light gets to use it. The word "light" is referring to the inner teacher. This principle actually opens the door to connection, not further dividing light from darkness as though the two are separate and not part of one another at all times.When you walk into a room filled with people, feel the reality that everyone there loves you with the truest love and sees you clearly as you are --- even if all of them don't know it yet! This is what it might look like to make a contribution. All we can do is make a contribution. The very moment we begin to change what is into something different than it is we fall fast asleep (in our awareness).It's easy to drift off into the dream that filters what you see through static inner images that have been stored away over the years.This is how it's possible for two people to live together and not see one another... perhaps ever. They go decades without ever really seeing the other as they truly are in the moment. The view is of some past moment or some imagined moment that never actually happened but is only wished for. There are many stored images in the mind and they're categorized by type. These images will filter our view and alter our perception of reality so subtly that it gets past our notice.There are so many ways to divide; by race - color - gender - nation - tradition - family - culture – religion - economics and more. These are only a few ways to categorize people, places and things. This ability to categorize is the great place to start questioning our thinking when evolution of mind is our purpose. – Andi & JagPeacefully,